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Erie, PA  16502
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Great Lakes Metal Finishing, Inc. was incorporated in June of 1994, specializing in wire goods. Great Lakes Metal Finishing currently serves the following industries: Automotive, Fastener, Electronics, Military, Appliance, Toy, and Lawn and Garden. Today, we service the needs of customers in Northwestern  PA, the Tri-state areas of Southwestern NY and Northeastern Ohio as well as specialized finishing for customers throughout the US and Mexico.

Great Lakes Metal Finishing, located in Erie, PA, operates in a 40,000 square foot facility and is owned and operated by Dennis Hartwig.

We specialize in :

We pride ourselves on our strict quality control, responsive customer service and stringent environmental compliance.

MacDermid, Inc. has recognized Great Lakes Metal Finishing's plating capabilities, approving them as a licensee for the application of their new Trivalent Chromates and JS Sealers.  This technology, marketed under the trade name Zinklad, has been approved for use by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Audi, Delphi and others.

Zinklad eliminates the use of Hexavalent Chrome and in many cases provides corrosion protection superior to prior processes.

Great Lakes Metal Finishing provides a 24 hour turnaround when necessary.  We can ship most orders within 48 hours.

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1113 West 18 Street
Erie, PA  16502
(814) 452-1886     FAX: (814) 456-2756